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How do I get more leads to grow my business?

If you’re frustrated by the lack of results from your current marketing activities, this could be a symptom of applying an ad hoc approach to marketing rather than being strategic in your efforts.

It is through effective strategic marketing that brand loyalty is earned and reputational leadership built.

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BRANDcode is a new way of thinking about and doing strategic marketing

Based on research and built on the creator’s 30 years of experience in marketing and public relations, it’s designed to give you the super powers to:

  • Transform your brand from vanilla to vavavoom
  • Build your wisdom with numbers and knowledge
  • Raise your public profile from ambiguity to visibility
  • Move your customers from liking to loving.

The four-part BRANDcode system answers the WHY, WHAT, HOW and WHO of strategic marketing, ensuring you deliver the right message to the right audience through the right mediums at each stage of the customer journey.

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BRANDcode develops your strategic marketing plan in four stages

Stage 1 - Build your brand

Get clear on your brand essence, the DNA that sets you apart from your competitors. Then build your brand image based on your differentiating qualities and the difference you seek to make in the world.

Stage 2 - Build your wisdom

Analyse the environmental context, understand your marketing capabilities, study your closest rivals, know your ideal customer and devise strategies to achieve your marketing goals.

Stage 3 - Build your profile

Craft compelling messages, and convey your story consistently across the right online, social, print, face-to-face and mobile marketing channels.

Stage 4 - Build your tribe

Get your media mojo pumping, engage your audience with inspiring content and position yourself as a leader within your industry or niche.

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About the author

Ros Weadman is the founder and managing director of Melbourne PR & Marketing. With 30+ years experience, and state and national awards to her credit, Ros is highly sought for strategic advice, coaching, mentoring and training by business executives, political figures and others in positions of leadership.

Ros has extensive experience in developing and delivering strategic marketing plans and public relations campaigns for both business and government.

As a brand architect, Ros is passionate about building brands based on the authentic culture of a business. As a brand warrior, Ros is passionate about protecting brands from ambiguity, mediocrity and invisibility.

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